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Viridian Resources has developed a proprietary, globally patented and proven technology which is poised to revolutionize the Nickel mining industry.

Phytomining is the use of specially developed hyperaccumulating plants to extract metals from the ground and concentrate the metals in the leaves and stems. 

This metal rich hay-like crop, once harvested, baled, dried, and ashed, produces a commercially valuable metal rich concentrate. This concentrate is suitable as a high grade feed to existing smelters/refineries or for direct selling. The process eliminates traditional mining steps and eliminates waste streams as well as serve as the generator of by-product energy.

Viridian Resources

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In countries throughout Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, the Balkans and beyond, there are millions of acres of unproductive land, which contain high concentrations of heavy metals such as nickel and cobalt.  These high metal concentrations in the soil inhibit the normal growth rates of crops, making these areas unsuitable for profitable farming.  Although these metallic deposits are extremely valuable, they have remained unexploited, that is until now, because it is too expensive to mine them using conventional technology.  As a result of Viridian’s phytomining technology, it is now possible to profitably mine these deposits.

Viridian has also completed a systematic evaluation of the world’s known deposits of nickelliferous soils so as to identify sites amenable to nickel phytomining.  This survey has identified several million acres of potentially phytominable nickel deposits, many of which are not capable of being exploited by conventional technologies.

Viridian believes that the application of its phytomining technology to the undeveloped mineral holdings of mining companies will allow for accelerated development of these mineral properties and should result in these projects enjoying lowered operational and capital costs.  Moreover, Viridian’s practice of its phytomining technology on reserves owned by conventional mining companies will result in significant augmentation of the reserve base at such companies due to the much lower effective nickel concentration cutoff-levels that are exploitable by Viridian’s technology.

Now, Viridian is ready to deploy its technology on a significantly larger scale.

Viridian Resources

About Phytomining

    What is Phytomining?
  • The use of specially developed agricultural plants called hyperaccumulators to extract metals from the ground and concentrate the metals in leaves and stems
  • This hay-like crop, once harvested, baled, dried, and ashed, produces a commercially valuable metal rich concentrate suitable as a high grade feed to existing smelters/refineries or for direct marketing
    Phytomining’s Potential
  • Renders abundant non-viable and undeveloped resources into attainable (levels as low as < 0.05-1.0% nickel) reserves
  • 1,000 hectares (2,500 acres, 4 sq miles, 10 sq kilometers) would support the production of 15,000 to 25,000 metric tons (MT) per year of biomass, which at ~2% nickel would capture 250 to 550 MT of nickel with approximate market value of $3-$7 million @ $6.00/annual-lb of production
  • Combustion of biomass generates heat (6,500 Btu/lb) – 25,000 MT could produce approximately 15,000 MWh of electricity, with a value $1.2 million at $80/MWh
  • A 450 MT (1 million lb) per year nickel project with nickel at $6.00/lb, would produce a net revenue of $5 million, $4 million from the sale refined nickel, $1 million from power credits
  • This is applicable to both green field sites, and as a supplement to existing operations
    Advantages of Phytomining vs. Traditional Mining Processes
  • Short lead time to production with harvest in under 24 months from decision to proceed as opposed to 7-12 years
  • Enhance the cost effectiveness of existing mining operations
  • Bypasses primary metal leach systems
  • Substantially lower capital costs of ~$2.00/annual-lb of nickel production vs. $20-50/annual-lb with an associated power plant cost at $3.00/annual-lb of nickel production
  • Lower operating costs of ~$2.00/annual-lb of nickel production (including refining) vs. $2.50-$6.00/annual-lb of nickel production
  • Potential for $1.00/annual-lb in revenue from by-product heat/electric power vs. massive energy consumption and costs
  • Does not require skilled labor or specialized equipment
  • Productive where mineral deposits are at levels that are as low as 1/20th the metal concentration required for conventional processes
  • Has remedial, not destructive, effect on the environment
    Steps to Implementation
  • Identify appropriate metal rich sites globally including nickel laterites and other metal rich substrates such as tailings from existing operations
  • Conduct soil chemistry tests to determine optimal agronomic methods regarding fertilization, irrigation, and cultivation
  • Prepare land for phytomining; plant seeds of metal hyperaccumulating species
  • Harvest and bale hay* – one crop per year in temperate zones and two crops per year in the tropics
  • Incinerate hay to recover or generate metal rich ash
  • Provide metal rich ash to refineries/smelters to produce purified metal
  • For more information click here
Viridian Management Team

Management Team

    Jay Nelkin, J.D., M.Sc., Founder & CEO
  • Over 15 years phytomining experience
  • Extensive leadership experience overseeing phytomining development
    David A Huggins, Ph.D., P. Eng, President and COO
  • Over 40 years in Nickel Industry with INCO, BHP and Skye Resources
  • Broad experience covering process design and development, engineering, construction, operations and general management; of which 15 years specifically related to the evaluation and design of plants for the processing of nickel laterites in Guatemala, Indonesia and New Caledonia
    David Bardin, Partner, Director Strategic Relationships
  • Worked in sales and trading at Bear Stearns, and Oscar Gruss Inc.
  • Lived and worked in the Middle East for eight years; travelled extensively throughout Eastern and Central Europe developing a business network across various industries
  • Most recently based in Paraguay, where he maintains contacts in the government and business communities
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